Listeriosis – a wake-up call for Africa

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By Michelle Adelman

The rising death toll of the listeriosis outbreak should be a wake-up call not only to South Africa, but Africa as a whole.  The epidemic says a lot about our decisions on healthy lifestyles and our dependency on animal-based protein.

For Africa to move forward, we need to really think about the foods we consume and what we feed our children.  Adopting a plant-based approach on your plate is one of the most powerful and positively impactful choices you can make as a conscious consumer and parent.

Southern Africa’s listeriosis crisis has claimed 183 lives to date.  Listeriosis has been detected in polony and several other meat products from South Africa and these products have been recalled from food stores.

But this is not the first time meat products have come under the spotlight, particularly in South Africa.

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