We see ourselves as business consultants to our clients, making sure our clients’ communications objectives are aligned to their business goals.

In February 2016, I began on a journey of building Sendr, South Africa’s first on demand consumer app for point-to-point parcel delivery. I turned to ACG for a public relations strategy. They transformed our communication strategy and positioned us as a first mover in the sector giving us comfortable positioning for
our Serie B investment level.

George SibotshiweFounder, Sendr

Reputation Management and Public Relations

We are not just a communications company. We see ourselves as business consultants to our clients, making sure our clients’ communications objectives are aligned to their business goals.

ACG understands that the effectiveness of our clients’ message and positioning in any market is highly dependent on how well they understand the nuances that make up the cultural, linguistic and behavioural patterns of that market. We understand Africa and Africans. But we also understand that both are complex and that in order for our clients to succeed in a competitive market place, we must act as their eyes and ears on the ground. Armed with the knowledge of our clients’ goals and objectives, and a deep desire and passion to meet them, we source our information from our network across the continent.

When required and depending on the complexity of the brief, our in-house research and insights expert goes in-country, to live in the environment and communities that our clients want and need to understand.

We ask the right questions, speak to the right people, and partner with our clients to ensure their business and communications decisions are authentic. With Africa dubbed the “next frontier”, we make sure our clients are not left behind.

Media Relations and Press Release Distribution

Thought Leadership Positioning

Crisis Management

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

Strategy Development and Messaging

Research and Insights

Strategic Events

Content Development

The press release may not be the most appropriate way for a client to tell their story in a specific market (due to, for instance, the modernisation of content, low literacy rates, the prevalence of other platforms of communication outside of print, such as radio or mobile phones).

ACG works with clients to ensure that their messaging is packaged and distributed in the most efficient way possible and on the most effective platform to meet their goals and objectives in-market. We have the capacity of producing video and audio content, photographs, and infographics, among other things, and ensure that clients’ messages capture the attention of the audience for which they were intended. Most importantly, we meet the client and their stakeholders where they are and speak to them in a language that they understand.

Video Production and Editing

Collateral Development


Crisis/issues Management Training

Media Training

The Principles of Strategic Communications

Storytelling to Incentivize Stakeholders to Action


ACG offers global clients the opportunity to speak to their African stakeholders online in a language they can understand. Based on research and insights, we build digital and social media platforms and engage in community management on behalf of our clients, to ensure their message is loud and clear, and that it lands with the desired effect with the audiences for which we tailor it.

We understand that the way you engage Nigerian audiences online to communicate about a certain product, is not the same way you would engage a Rwandan consumer. We do not use a blanket approach. In collaboration with our clients, ACG can also create toolkits based on the similarities of certain demographics of stakeholders, and roll them out from the hub in Johannesburg, in-country, always keeping in mind ever-evolving news agendas that may require a shift in messaging or implementation depending on the market.

Social Media and Online Community Management

Website Development


Outside of the main pillars, ACG offers translation services for clients, based on our belief that communications needs to be tailored (it is up to the communicator to make him/herself understood). We work with highly qualified translators to ensure quality, and the effective expression of client key messages in…

  • French

  • English

  • Portuguese

  • Arabic

  • Swahili