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Ethiopian Airlines Launches On-board Wi-Fi



Ethiopian Airlines announced on Monday, 2 December 2019, that it has launched WIFI internet connectivity services on 10 of its A350 aircrafts. Passengers can purchase WIFI connectivity in cash, credit card, ShebaMiles or through EMDS.

EMDS will be issued at the Airport, Global call centre and Ticket offices. Once the EMD number is generated, the status is changed in to “used” automatically. In addition to EMD sales, the cash sale will be carried out on board by our cabin crew via crew App. After acquiring the EMDS number, the passenger boards the aircraft and shows his/her number to the cabin crew.

As soon as the crew receive the EMDS number of the passenger, they insert the number on their crew App and check the validity of the code as well as the passenger’s ticket. The system automatically checks if there is a duplicate utilization of the number and provides the crew with the required information. Having completed all the process for verification, the crew transfer the voucher code based on the passenger’s preference. It could be transferred via Bluetooth or verbal and written communication.

Payments can be made in two categories – Onboard connectivity sales (OCS) and on-board sales ShebaMiles (OCM). The on-board connectivity sales can have multiple forms of payment like cash, credit card or debit card whereas the on-board sale ShebaMiles is paid by means of deduction from passengers Sheba miles account.

The price per MB in currency and miles is as follows:

100MB= $10/100MB=4000 miles

200MB= $20/200MB=8000 miles

“As we live in a fast-paced world, with the need of reliable technology and wireless connectivity, we have decided to introduce this service for our passengers to make their flights more enjoyable by surfing the net before reaching their desired destination,” says Ethiopian Airlines Southern African Regional Manager, Abel Alemu.

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