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Africa Communications Media Group Ltd (ACG). A culturally-attuned and pan-African communications and public relations agency.

More About Us
Africa is a vast canvas, brought to life through storytelling; a rich and diverse tapestry woven from stories told in over a thousand African languages, encompassing varied cultures as well as a collection of shared experiences. This multi-cultural, multi-faceted and undeniably unique continent requires a dynamic approach, intuitive to the specific nuances underlying the colourful yet resilient surface.
As a pan-African agency in tune with the heartbeat of Africa, Africa Communications Media Group (ACG) has a deep understanding of the African communications and public relations landscape. With the priority needs of our local, pan-African and global clients in mind, we develop customised solutions structured for the vibrant African market. We implement creative and effective culturally-attuned strategies for our private, public and non-profit clients operating within the African market, with particular focus on Francophone and Anglophone Africa.
ACG is passionate about helping our clients tell their African stories. Our business model centres on:
  •  Research
  •  Innovation
  •  Keen insight
  •  A genuine understanding of the complex and beautiful African business environment
We know how to harness the immense potential that lies within this vibrant continent to promote business goals that drive positive transformation.
It’s all about communication: the right message at the right time to the right people. We merge key business objectives with progressive strategies to promote successful outcomes for all stakeholders – as well as the continent as a whole – with storytelling as the mechanism powering our activities.
Do you have a story that needs to be heard? ACG can help you tell it.

Let Us Tell Your African Story.

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