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Media Training

The year 2020 has brought about so much change for the world with the spread of the novel Coronavirus. In Africa, it has brought to light some very specific issues, such as our need for an overhaul in basic healthcare, our need for accessible and affordable internet and the need for culturally attuned information dissemination that takes into account norms, language and customs. Businesses are even changing the way they operate.

How prepared are you in any instance with responses to these changes?

ACG has a range of services and training to help you manage your communications.
The need for media training must be emphasized. ACG works with some of the best journalists in the business to deliver excellent media training sessions to executives. A media interview can be an excellent opportunity to tell a positive story about a product, issue or event. Our media training aims to empower spokespeople to take control of interview situations and shift journalists’ agendas to their own. An effective interview strategy hinges on a spokesperson’s ability to achieve confidence, control and credibility. Confidence allows the spokesperson to go into an interview situation as an equal and enthusiastic participant, control enables him or her to communicate his or her company’s message clearly, and credibility assists the journalist to believe that message.

Our media training services include:

Media strategy

Creating your own media, distributing it and monitoring its impact can be a long process, which may become confusing and overwhelming if it’s not well-managed and carefully planned. Our media strategy takes you through a step by step checklist asking questions such as; What is the message? What are we trying to achieve by communicating it? Who is our target audience? What media do they consume?

When you have an understanding of the above, your media efforts have a better chance at success.

Media Training

Media training including media interview simulation: to help you plan your responses to journalists to help further your communications agenda. The session provides an overview of the media environment and allows the spokesperson to practice conveying key messages in print and broadcast interviews.
The session will:

  1. Provide insight into the media landscape in Africa and internationally.
  2. Provide insight into how journalists operate and the tactics they use to get the stories they want.
  3. Guide how to build key messages into an interview.
  4. Run through media dos and don’ts.
  5. Provide interview tips.
  6. Teach delegates how to define an interview agenda and apply block and bridge techniques to shift the journalists’ agendas to their own.
  7. Build confidence in interview techniques and message delivery.

Once the media training has been completed and each spokesperson is comfortable with their area of expertise, a series of profiling platforms will be investigated.

These include speaker opportunities along with profiling pieces in key newspapers and business publications, as well as broadcast media, for the target audiences to get to know the executives a lot better.
Commenting on industry trends and developments is important as the media need to regard spokespeople as being readily available to assist them with a view and content.