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Crisis Communication

The year 2020 has brought about so much change for the world with the spread of the novel Coronavirus. In Africa, it has brought to light some very specific issues, such as our need for an overhaul in basic healthcare, our need for accessible and affordable internet and the need for culturally attuned information dissemination that takes into account norms, language and customs. Businesses are changing the way they operate in this new environment.

How prepared are you with responses to these changes?

ACG has a range of services and training to help you manage your crisis communications. These include;

Creating your crisis communications strategy

Do you have an existing crisis manual or plan? Our strategy development process takes into account any existing material and takes many approaches including training courses in crisis communications.

Key messages & holding statements

What will be your key messages and holding statements for each situation? These must be written in advance, and adjusted to suit the particular situation.

Facilitating a crisis communications workshop

This entails helping you plan your response and taking your team through a crisis simulation.


Have members of your team been assigned roles in advance?

Internal communications

How will you communicate with your front-line staff and do you have draft responses for journalists?


Who will speak in the event of a crisis and when were they last media trained?

Social media

How will you communicate on social media and on which platforms?

Press conferences

Will there be a need to hold an emergency press conference?

Contact details

Do you have out of hours (and in-hours) contact details for each member of the emergency team and the communications team?